Transfers to Ratings

TRANSFERS TO RATINGS The Business Agents are being questioned by Members about having to accept transfers from the job that they picked, to work that they are rated for. The Business Agent’s duty by the Local 500 Constitution is to, … Continue reading

RWF Rule 50 30 20

RWF Employees All RWF employees must follow the “50-30-20 Rule” as reinterpreted at the June 11, 2008 Membership Meeting to mean: “That 50-30-20 means the percentage of the jobs on the shift in each category.” Any RWF employee not following … Continue reading

Casual Self-Declaration Mandate

Effective immediately all Casuals are required to self -declare in accordance with the following schedule: Day Shift Availability: Between 16:00 – 20:00 the previous day Night & Graveyard Availability: Between 04:00 – 13:30 the same day 5:45 Availability: Between 14:00 – … Continue reading

Lines Despatch Rules

The following motion was passed at the Membership Meeting on May 14, 2008: • Linesmen working afternoon shift on their day off will not be available for a Lines job until 8 am. This is a work rule established by … Continue reading

Election Protocol

To make this election as fair and transparent as possible, the following points must be followed: 1. Bulletins are not to be defaced or torn down (use your power at the ballot box); 2. No offensive or demeaning material to … Continue reading

PCT Maintenance Employees

It has come to the Union’s attention that maintenance personnel are continually being asked to perform production work (washdown, working with sucker trucks, clean up, etc). If you are asked to perform maintenance work, it is your duty to inform … Continue reading