Member/Casual Services

Member/Casual Services…what are they?  What can they do for you?

They are the various bodies and services (Union office, M&G Committee, benefit office (WEBC), Despatch Hall and Despatch Coordinators) that can assist you in understanding and making the most of your chosen career on the waterfront.

Union Members – what should you know?

Active Casuals – what should you know?

Benefit & Medical Forms

Union Office

The Local 500 Office is open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday except for statutory holidays and scheduled office closures.

The Office Staff is your first line of support.  They are the one constant in the Office and can provide a wealth of information or direct you to the appropriate person, committee, or office to answer your queries.

All job postings, vacation reporting, training applications, etc. are done at the Local 500 office.  Usually, forms and postings are in the coffee room area and once completed they are to be brought in to the Office Staff.  During COVID, the Office is closed to non-staff.  Medical/Leave forms are available outside the office and here on the website.

All calls for Business Agents, Officers, or Committees go through the Staff switchboard.

Looking for your Seniority Placement?

Work Number

Some of you may still hear the term “Man Number” bandied about.  That used to be the name given to your personal and unique 5-digit employee number.  That term is no longer used in the Union.  We have a varied workforce made up of men and women and as such we now refer to your employee number as a “Work Number”.

Move Slips

Move slips are only completed in the Local 500 office.  Only a Business Agent, Officer, or Executive Board Member may complete a move slip for you regardless of whether it’s an- Inter-Board, Board-to-Board, or RWF Back to the Hall slip that you seek.

Inter-Board moves – changing your spot on your current board (these slips can be completed at any time but are held in the Local 500 office until Monday afternoon when they are taken to Despatch);

Board-to-Board moves – Members with 15+ seniority years may move from any board to any other board, ratings considered.  Members with less than 15 years seniority may move to a non-15-year board when they wish (ratings considered), or they may move onto a 15+ year board if they are the senior successful applicant in a Category Increase posting (move slips for Category Increases are done by the M&G Committee).

RWF Back to the Hall moves – If you quit or are rotated out of a RWF (Regular Work Force) job you must get a RWF Back to the Hall move slip.  This can be taken to Despatch immediately.

Benefit Office – H&W (Health and Welfare) Coverage + more

Union Members and A & B Board Casuals (and RWF Casuals) who meet the requisite hours criteria for benefit coverage will have all or some of the following coverage:

All questions regarding health and welfare benefit coverage should be directed to WEBC (Employee Services) at 604-689-7184, 4th floor, 349 Railway Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4.

Direct Email Addresses:

Credited time applications:
Enrolment, Eligibility & Prescription Drugs:
Extended Health:
Long-term Disability:
Weekly Indemnity
& COVID-19 quarantine/self-isolation:
Other Enquiries:

Information about coverage and downloadable forms are available online at –  Your personalized access code was sent to you with your pension report from WEBC.

Credited Time (also called Granted Time)

for Weekly Indemnity – You will automatically be credited time if you are in receipt of Weekly Indemnity Benefits, however, if you are on the “A” Board or are a lower board RWF employee, you will need to request from Employee Services (Benefit Office) that you be sent a letter detailing the amount of credited time that you received so that you may provide this information to the M&G Committee.  This is important for board advancement.

for WorkSafeBC (WCB) – If you are off work due to an industry related workplace injury, you will bring your 1st and last WCB paystub to the office and we will forward the information so that you receive credited time for the period you were in receipt of benefits.  This applies to ALL workers — from Union on down to the “R” Board.

for being Off Work Due to Injury or Illness – If you are not off on Weekly Indemnity or WCB but are unable to work due to an illness or injury, you may apply for credited time once you return to work.  This applies to ALL workers — from Union on down to the “R” Board.

Credited Time Form (also called Granted Time)


Dental is administered by Employee Services (WEBC) 604-689-7184, 4th floor, 349 Railway Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4.

When you visit your dentist, their office will provide you with a completed Standard Dental Claim Form.  When they ask for your Employee ID number give them your Work #.

OFA (Occupational Fitness Assessment Form)

If you are temporarily unable to perform your regular work duties, you may be able to have restrictions put on your plate that will allow you to turn down jobs or not be despatched to particular work without being penalized.

Print the OFA FORM and have your doctor complete it.

You will then bring the completed form to the Local 500 office as follows:

During COVID office restrictions

  • Via email –
  • Fax – 604.254.7127
  • Drop through mail slot at Union office (111 Victoria Drive, Suite 100)

Effective Wednesday, July 8, 2015, you are required to attend a joint (ILWU/BCMEA) meeting with your completed form in hand in order to have your restriction reviewed.

However, during COVID, OFA meetings are not being held in person –  Call into the office during hours stated below.

These meetings will take place:

  • EVERY WEDNESDAY (until further notice).
  • at the ILWU Local 500 Office
  • #100 – 111 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC
  • 9 AM – 11 AM

Waterfront Industry Pension Plan

Click here for the latest bulletin regarding the Pension Plan – provides up to date changes in both your Pension Plan and additional benefits provided through CPP and OAS to assist you in your overall retirement planning.

To discuss your pension plans, call the Pension Administrator at 604-694-2310.

WorkSafeBC  (previously WCB)

At some point in your work career, you may be injured on the job.  If you will miss work due to your injury, both Union Members and Casuals should call the Local 500 office to advise ASAP.

To ensure that your claim for WorkSafeBC (previously known as WCB) benefits are processed in a timely fashion, please review the following bulletin.  It outlines your obligations in respect to filing your claim.

Plus keep in mind the Granted Time REQUIREMENT for WCB

Read what you should do if you get a Notice to Participate Letter from WorkSafeBC (WCB)