End of 2022 Note from the Pensioner Officers

This is just a short note to say that the Pensioners Club is still here and active.  Meetings are held on a regular basis, the first Thursday of every month.  The next meeting will be held on February 2, 2023.

We are still giving out scholarships and at the November 2022 Local 500 meeting we gave out a total of 8 scholarships.

At this time of year, pensioners start paying their annual dues to the club for the next year.  To renew your membership ($15), you can pay at the next meeting or mail or drop off your dues at Local 500 offices and one of our officers will pick them up for deposit.
The mailing address is:
ILWU Pensioners Club
#100-111 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC   V5L 4C4

If you would like a member card sent to you, make sure to leave your name and mailing address, otherwise cards will be available at our next meeting.  PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

At this time the officers would like to wish everyone and their families a very healthy, safe and joyous holiday season and the very best in 2023.

Herb Howe, President
Al Lemonnier, Vice President
Ted Grewcutt, Secretary Treasurer

No Pensioners’ Banquet in 2022

Due to a lower than expected turnout at this year’s Pensioners Picnic, and an expected increase in COVID and flu numbers this fall, Local 500 has decided to postpone the resumption of the annual banquet until 2023.  We look forward to seeing you next year.

Pensioners’ Meetings Resume as of May 2022

The Pensioners’ Group is pleased to announce that monthly meetings are resuming as of May 2022 (no meetings in July or August).  See a few paragraphs below for time and place.

The executive would like to thank everyone who paid their 2021 dues either by mail or in person. THANK YOU!!  On that note, the 2022 dues are due starting in January 2022.

The ILWU Pensioners Club welcomes retired members from all locals

The Pensioners Club Executive


Pensioner Health and Welfare & Pension Benefits

Pensioners with questions pertaining to their health and welfare benefit coverage should contact WEBC (Employee Services) at 604-689-7184.

Information about coverage is also available online.  Go to and you will be able to access the Pensioners’ Benefit Booklet, get forms, etc.

The pension administrator can be contacted via by dialing 604-689-7184 and hitting 7.


Vancouver Pensioners Organization

When you retire from longshoring you can still keep in touch with the friends you made over the years by participating in the Vancouver Pensioners Organization and by attending the Annual Pensioners Picnic (3rd Thursday in July) and Annual Stag Banquet (3rd Thursday in October – Cancelled in 2022).

The Vancouver Pensioners Organization meets monthly as follows (Pensioners from all Locals invited):

MEETINGS: 1st Thursday of each month (no meetings in July & August)
TIME: 10:30 am (lasting 1-1.5 hours)
PLACE: Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver

Not only will you maintain or renew old friendships, but you’ll be kept up to date on Union activities with reports from the officers of ILWU Canada and Local 500, with periodic reports from the Union Pension and Benefits Trustees.

The meetings last from an hour to an hour and a half and are usually very informative, discussing Union activities, benefits, conferences and general interest topics that pertain to retirees.  The Pensioners Association looks forward to your participation.

The Pensioners Association held elections on March 5, 2020 and the following were elected:

President: Herbie Howe
Vice President: Al Lemmonier
Secretary Treasurer: Ted Grewcutt


Pensioners Scholarships

In 2010, the Local 500 Pensioners instituted a Scholarship Program available to the sons, daughters and dependents of active Members in good standing of Local 500.

Specifically, they instituted two (2) $1000 Scholarships (the Pensioners Scholarship and the Bill Kemp Memorial Scholarship).

2017 sees the introduction of a third $1000 annual scholarship (the “Sante Urrico Memorial Scholarship”) in memory of past Local 500 Member and Pensioner Sante Urrico.

These three (3) $1000 scholarships are available on an annual basis as follows:

To view the Pensioners Scholarship Application Form & Notice.

Deadline to apply:  October 31 of the current year.
Completed applications should be handed in to the Local 500 office.
(Paper applications are available in the Local 500 office).

2022 Pensioners Scholarship Winners Announced

We are pleased to report that the following people were selected as winners by a lottery draw at the November Local 500 General Meeting. This year we were able to offer a total of eight scholarships. The scholarships selected were for $1,000.00 each. The funding for the scholarships is provided from the proceeds of a 50/50 Draw held at the monthly Membership Meetings of Local 500 (except for the Sante Urrico scholarship which is funded by the Urrico family, the Randy “The Rampage” Archibald scholarship which is funded by Susanne Tabata, the Warren Paley scholarship which is funded by
the Paley family, the Ronald McCaw scholarship which is funded by the McCaw family and the Local 500 scholarship which is funded by Local 500).

Winner #1 – “The Sante Urrico Memorial Scholarship” –  $1,000.00:  Erika Adriana Bondi daughter of Sara Bondi.
Winner #2 – “The Randy (The Rampage) Archibald Memorial scholarship” – $1,000 is Daniella Scaglione daughter of Antonia Scaglione
Winner #3 – “The Warren Paley Memorial Scholarship” – $1,000.00: Abhimanyu Singh Minhas son of Batminder Minhas
Winner #4 – “The Ronald McCaw Memorial Scholarship” – $1000.00: Francesco Luongo son of Dino Luongo
Winner #5 – “The Local 500 Convention Scholarship” – $1000.00: Arshleen Bajwa daughter of Jasminder Batjwa
Winner #6 – “The Bill Kemp Memorial Scholarship” – $1000.00: Gurishar Dhami daughter of Prabhojt Dhami
Winner #7 – “The Longshore Pensioners Scholarship” – $1000.00: Jennifer Pauline Edington daughter of John Edington
Winner #8 – “The Longshore Pensioners Scholarship” – $1,000.00: Amrinder Singh Sangha son of Jatinder Sangha

2021 Pensioners Scholarship Winners Announced

The Pensioners Committee is pleased to report that the following people were selected as winners by a lottery draw at the November Local 500 Executive Meeting.  This year, they were able to offer a total of 4 scholarships.  The scholarships were for $1,000.00 each.

The Sante Urrico Memorial Scholarship $1000.00 WINNER – Jordan Suraj Sunder
Son of Randy Sunder
The Randy (the Rampage) Archibald Scholarship $1000.00 WINNER – Anna Maria Hruska
Daughter of Jan Hruski
The Bill Kemp Memorial Scholarship $1000.00 WINNER – Amika Olivia Watari
Daughter of deceased member Eric Howe
The Longshore Pensioners’ Scholarship $1000.00 WINNER – Jaqueline August Morris
Daughter of Glenn Morris

Past Recipients

Scholarship Funding

Pensioners Scholarships are funded from the proceeds of the 50/50 Draws held at the Membership Meetings of Local 500.  Except for the Sante Urrico Scholarship which is funded by the Urrico family and the Randy Archibald Scholarship which is funded by Susanne Tabata.