Member/Casual FAQs

Do I have to report my vacation time? top

No. As of March 2012 there is no longer any mandatory reporting of vacation required. You may still wish to report “Union” days to avoid being fined for missing a meeting or a vote or election. Rules regarding reporting for the purposes of qualifying for a statutory holiday still apply (BCMEA days).

Can I report my vacation time by phone, fax, mail, or email? top

No. All vacation reporting must be done in the Local 500 office on a Vacation Reporting Form, a copy of which will be stamped and given to you to retain as your proof of reporting. For complete instructions, click here.

What are BCMEA Vacation Days? top

• BCMEA Vacation Days are used for qualifying for stats.
• Your February Vacation Pay cheque indicates how many BCMEA Days you have earned for the current year.
• It is up to you whether you report them — they are not mandatory.
• You can book your BCMEA Days as far ahead in the current year as you like.
• If you are reporting days already passed you can only report days within the last calendar 7 days of the day you come in to report (that day counts as 1 of the 7).
• They must be reported in a minimum of 4 day blocks.
• The only time you can report less than 4 day blocks is when you have less than 4 days available to report — they must be reported after all other vacation times.
• All statutory holidays, including Christmas Day, can be reported as BCMEA Vacation Days.

Do I need to report my ICBC, WCB, or sick benefits? top

Yes. You are required to advise the office staff when you go off on WCB, ICBC, or sick benefits. You are also required to advise the staff when your doctor deems you fit to return to work.

When is the next board move? top

There is no set schedule for board moves. Board moves are decided by the M & G Committee. When the next board move takes place, notices will be posted at the despatch hall. Please do not phone the Union office to inquire.

I’ve lost my port pass, what do I do? top

You need to contact the administration office in the Despatch Hall to request a replacement port pass.  The phone number is 604-251-6141.