Dock Gantry Extensions

In order to help supply the industry needs in times of shortages, we have agreed to allow voluntary extensions. Dock Gantry Operators are allowed to plug in and take a job via telephone only if they are driving the crane … Continue reading

Respect of Union Officals

RESPECT OF UNION OFFICIALS Membership Motion #3075, dated December 4, 1972 states: That any Member or Casual who is abusive to any Union Official, either verbally or physically be charged before the M&G Committee. The Officers ILWU Local 500

Proper Work Attire

Working safely requires the wearing of attire that will not cause a safety hazard. Loose clothing and dangling chains can pose a serious threat in the workplace. Depending on the job, rings can pose a hazard. Wrist watches and bracelets … Continue reading

Transfers to Ratings

TRANSFERS TO RATINGS The Business Agents are being questioned by Members about having to accept transfers from the job that they picked, to work that they are rated for. The Business Agent’s duty by the Local 500 Constitution is to, … Continue reading

RWF Rule 50 30 20

RWF Employees All RWF employees must follow the “50-30-20 Rule” as reinterpreted at the June 11, 2008 Membership Meeting to mean: “That 50-30-20 means the percentage of the jobs on the shift in each category.” Any RWF employee not following … Continue reading