Update to Payroll Deduction Process effective Final Pay of Sept 2022

There will be a change to the way health & welfare benefit deductions from workers will be displayed on their ADP paystubs starting with the last pay of September 2022.

These changes are necessary due an upcoming change in the structure of the benefits trusts which was necessitated by a change in federal legislation.

This is a zero cost item.  There is no cost or benefit to Members or Casuals with health & welfare coverage, it is simply a house-keeping change in the way the info will be reported on your weekly paystubs.

A new category “GRPLIFEL” will be added to your paystub and a one-time adjustment will be made to “WLFAREL”.  One will be a deduction and one will be a credit thereby wiping each other out — again, no cost to you.

Please read the attached bulletin for further details.