Amenity Buildings

Keep Amenity Buildings Clean & In Good Repair Amenity buildings (lunchrooms, washrooms, etc.) are for the use of all. Respect yourself and others: Keep them clean Don’t damage them Anyone caught maliciously causing damage or creating an undue mess will … Continue reading

No Smoking

The effects of smoking and second hand smoke have been proven to be hazardous to your health. The policy regarding non-smoking is clear: THERE IS TO BE NO SMOKING IN MACHINERY, PICKUPS, OFFICES, LUNCHROOMS, ETC. These regulations are put forward … Continue reading

Heads Up

There are to be NO loads passing over top of people or staffed machinery. Due to congestion in yards, at times roadways are compromised not leaving enough room to pass through with machinery. IF YOU CANNOT OPERATE SAFELY through congestion, … Continue reading

Stay Alert

Recently, at Lynnterm East Gate, some large diameter pipe was being loaded out onto trucks when the cross bracing at one end broke loose and FLEW approximately 40 FT. Upon closer examination, the welds holding the cross bracing were NOT … Continue reading

Safety Reminder

SPEED LIMITS are to be followed. STOP SIGNS are to be adhered to. TRAFFIC PATTERNS, as defined by site operations and safety committees, to be adhered to. The use of CELL PHONES and MP3/CD PLAYERS is PROHIBITED. Persons found using … Continue reading


ATTENTION During discharge of cargo there is to be no ship dunnage, steel bands or garbage of any kind put on top of loads leaving the hatch. Dirt nets and/or dirt boxes are to be lowered into the hatch and … Continue reading

TSI Bombcarts

Spotting for 45′ Containers at Gantry “OLD” Trailers get 40′ light backup 2 1/2 feet (NO MORE!!!) watch can coming down “NEW” Trailers get 40′ light go forward 2 1/2 feet watch can coming down PAY ATTENTION TO RADIO MESSAGE … Continue reading

Rail Movement

RTGs & RMGs are to be in a STOP position while rail movement in yard. When blue lights are flashing, RTGs& RMGs shall NOT be in production. When blue lights go off, then rail movement has stopped and RTGs & … Continue reading