Replacements for Training or Upgrading

Any Member or Casual that calls a replacement for the 0100 shift to do training or upgrading and is getting paid on the dayshift will not be allowed to go out in rotation on the 0100 shift. Local 500 Officers

Respect For Fellow Workers

There have been conflicts with outside truck drivers at the container terminals. Our Declaration of Principles #2 says, “We shall uphold the right of all to live and grow in a dignified manner and to be treated with decency and … Continue reading

Vanterm Emergency Vehicle Escort

TSI/VANTERM Emergency Vehicle Escort Procedure This is in the “First Aid Procedures” a. WHEN CALLING FIRE/AMBULANCE (9-911): Vanterm is located at 1300 Stewart Street, North Foot of Clark Drive overpass. Tell the Fire/Ambulance despatcher that a foreman will meet them … Continue reading

Despatch Coordinator’s Duties

As per Article XI, Section 1. Interpretation: of the Local 500 Constitution President Keserich has interpreted the duties of the Union Despatch Coordinators, which is in Article V Officers & Committee Members, A. General Duties, Section 8. Despatchers. Currently it … Continue reading

No Renewing Travel Cards

IMPORTANT INFORMATION RE: TRAVEL CARDS As of October 23, 2012, Travel Cards will no longer be renewed until further notice. Local 500 M&G (Membership & Grievance Committee)