2024 Relief Lines Now Open – closes Nov 30/23 @ 3 PM

2024 Relief Lines – apply at the Union Office on a Job Application Form

Make sure to write “RELIEF LINES” on the Job Application Form.  You can put the application through the mail slot in the door.

Open to Union Members ONLY, subject to the following Executive Board motion of February 10, 1992:

  • When the applicant makes the Lines Relief he/she must be on regular Hall Despatch.
  • Gang workers are considered Regular Hall workers.
  • If the successful applicant is on the Regular Work Force, he/she must return to the Hall.

    Posting Closes:     Thursday, November 30, 2023   3:00 PM

     Job to Start:           Tuesday, January 2, 2024 @ 8:00 AM

LOCAL 500 MOTION #1285

 Regular & Relief Lines Placement

For members of Local 500 prior to November 19, 1992, the total recognized seniority will continue to count for job placement.

For members accepted into Local 500 or returning to Local 500 after November 19, 1992, only seniority accrued while working as a Local 500 member will count for such placement.