If you’ve been demoted, you’ve already been placed on the board you’ve been demoted to.

If you were on the “R” Board and have been removed from the board, YOU HAVE BEEN DEREGISTERED.

Anyone who has currently been demoted will not qualify for a board advancement until 2024.

Reminder… if you are off for medical reasons, appropriate documentation must be provided to the M&G MONTHLY.

Long periods of unwarranted absenteeism are detrimental to our industry and are not acceptable.

Workers with low hours will be placed on a Monitoring List.  Workers on the List will be subject to demotions every 3 months.  If you are on the List, you will receive a letter from the Union in the coming weeks.  A list of the persons on the Monitoring List will be posted on our website by work number in a few weeks’ time.

M&G Committee