Trust Fund for Ricky Ponte #42044

Please Support Your Fellow Worker…

Ricky Ponte #42044 is a 33-year old Heavy Duty Mechanic. He started in the industry on December 2, 2005 and is currently on the “A” Board.

Approximately 4 years ago Ricky was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia (also know as Machado-Joseph Disease), a hereditary, progressive, degenerative and often fatal disease.

The disease has affected Ricky’s motor skills and he has trouble walking, using his hands, speaking, etc. He has been unable to work for the last 2½ years. Ricky is hoping that innovative Stem Cell Treatment might help his condition, however, this regenerative treatment is very expensive and he cannot afford the total cost.

To assist Brother Ponte, Local 500 has set up a trust fund at the Vancity Credit Union:  Account #675140, Branch #3

You can make a donation for Ricky Ponte at any Vancity branch.

Thanks to all who donate.