Discharge of Long Steel Pipes

Attention Brothers/Sisters

It has been brought to the Union’s attention that on two occasions there have been load failures during the discharge of long steel pipes


  • Slings must be double wrapped on the cargo to stop the load from slipping. If using pre-slung slings they must also be double wrapped.


  • Long re-bar 3 slings basket lift as long as a “lazy-wire” wire choker is rigged at the mid-part in case of slippage.

Pre-slung Cargo

  • When discharging cargo from the hold of a vessel which has been pre-slung in a previous port, these slings must have a certification.
  • The following lifting procedure must be adhered to:
  1. When using pre-slung slings as lifting gear, the load must be lifted from stowed position, placed onto blocks in the hatch and then the weight must be taken off the slings and these slings checked completely for any faults by the hold men prior to being lifted from the hatch to the dock or scow.
  2. If stevedore gear is being used, then pre-slung cargo is to be lifted up no higher than three (3) feet when used for pick-up sling.
  3. The general certification of slings on any dock or vessel does not exempt these above procedures.

“Remember, Safety First”

Safety Committee :

Sabi Veriah, Chair; Al Le Monnier; Jim Brooks; Steve Bushell; Spencer Leadley; Surinder Dhiman