Cleaner Air

Greenhouse gasses and particulate matter are being created at an alarming rate. Policies are being drafted and implemented to help with clean air initiatives.

We can do our part by not idling machinery, or even our personal vehicle, for long periods of time:

  • Long waits at the hook — SHUT DOWN.
  • Coffee breaks — SHUT DOWN.
  • Lunch breaks — SHUT DOWN.
  • End of shift — SHUT DOWN.

While some machinery must remain running, MOST of our equipment CAN BE SHUT DOWN when not in use.

Ten seconds of idling equals the same amount of fuel as it takes to restart your engine.

Fact 1: We only have one atmosphere.
Fact 2: We ALL breathe the same atmosphere.

Brothers and Sisters, let’s do our part on the job and at home so we can ALL breathe a little easier.

In solidarity
ILWU Local 500 Safety Committee