Know Your Collective Agreement

Article 10 – Recognized Holidays, Section 10.01(7) reads: “Days (up to 5 per week) for which an employee receives Workers’ Compensation or Weekly Indemnity payments, will count toward the calculation for eligibility for Recognized Holiday Pay providing the employee has … Continue reading

Vandalism WILL NOT Be Tolerated

Persons discovered: damaging defacing or putting graffiti on walls or machinery will be charged and brought before the M&G. These are serious charges. Penalties can include deregistration. ILWU Local 500 Business Agents

The Presidents Go To Jail

In 1965, the federal government adopted the Canada Labour Standards Code governing hours of work, vacations, statutory holidays and other conditions of employment relating to industries under federal jurisdiction. Of special interest to longshoremen was the provision granting eight paid … Continue reading

Walking on Container Terminals

There is to be no walking on the Container Terminals when a ship is working containers at the terminal. Workers walking on the terminal when a vessel is working containers will be charged with violation of the Safety Rules & Regulations and dealt with by … Continue reading