2022 Pensioners Scholarship Application Process Now Open – closing October 31, 2022

The Local 500 Pensioners Organization has opened their 2022 Scholarship application process.

Applications, including the required documentation, must be returned to the Local 500 office by the end of the day on October 31, 2022.

Completed applications and the accompanying documentation can be placed in an envelope and dropped through the mail slot in the Local 500 front door.

Alternately, you can complete the documents and take a picture with your phone and then email everything to admin@ilwu500.org (with the pictures attached).

For your information………
Two additional Memorial Scholarships were added this year in respect to monies donated to the Local from the estates of Brothers Warren Paley and Ronald McCaw.  Brother Paley’s Scholarship will run for ten years from 2022-2031, while Brother McCaw’s will run for five years from 2022-2026.

The Local is eternally grateful to these Brothers for thinking of their longshore family when preparing their final wills and testaments.  We are deeply honoured and touched by their genorosity.  We are pleased to offer these scholarships in their names.