Mandatory Vaccinations for Federally Regulated Worksites

ILWU CANADA – Statement – August 26, 2021

“ILWU Canada supports vaccination against COVID-19 for every Canadian that can be vaccinated.  Science has demonstrated that vaccinations – alongside other measures like enhanced indoor ventilation, wearing masks and physical distancing – are the most effective ways to fight COVID-19 and keep each other safe.  ILWU Canada strongly urges those who can be vaccinated to get vaccinated.

On August 13, 20201, the federal government announced the plan for mandatory vaccinations for federally regulated workplaces.  ILWU Canada has concerns with the potential of mandatory vaccination policies and has reached out to the Government of Canada to meet and discuss the details of these new regulations.  We also have concerns that this mandate could potentially hand employers overreaching powers, with workers bearing the consequences.

ILWU Canada will defend works’ interests and insist employers respect the terms and conditions of the collective agreement as well as the Canadian Labour Code.  Privacy protections for workers and restrictions on employers’ access to confidential health information are a must.

The ILWU Canada Executive Board will keep the Locals up to date as the situations develops.”

In Solidarity,
Rob Ashton