Business Agents Must Approve Shift Extensions Over 1 Hour

The Collective Agreement allows shift extensions to be worked in certain cases (set out below).  Shift extensions of more than 1 hour up to a 4 hour maximum can only be worked when there are no suitable employees available through the despatch system to perform the work.

This means shift extensions over 1 hour must be approved by a BA in advance.  No matter why an employer wants the shift extension (including weather delays, equipment breakdown, slow productivity, missed ordering time, or closed despatch hall) the gang must check that a BA has approved a shift extension over 1 hour before working it.

Shift extensions up to 1 hour do not need BA approval because they may be worked by a gang even if there are suitable employees available to do the work.


Deep Sea Gangs:

  • 1 hour for the vessel to shift or sail
  • Up to 4 hours for the vessel to shift or sail when no suitable employees are available

Dock Work General:

  • 1 hour for any reason
  • Up to 4 hours to complete a specific operation when no suitable employees are available

ILWU Local 500 Officers