ATTENTION CASUALS: Suspension of certain rules effective March 1, 2019

EFFECTIVE MARCH 1, 2019 the following rules will be suspended until further notice:

Effective October 1, 2018, EVERY CASUAL BOARD
(“A”, “B”, “C”, “T”, “OO”, AND “R”),
must plug-in a minimum of 20 separate days per month
(excluding the 5:45 pm despatch).

If workers have reached a seniority year in 2018 (800 hours), they are exempt from the above plug-in requirement.

Callback days count towards plug-ins. Booked vacations and reported sick days will also count toward plug-ins on a proportional basis.

Calculations will be done on a monthly basis starting October 1, 2018.


As of September 23, 2018, all Casuals on the “C”, “T”, “OO”, and “R” Boards MUSTmake themselves available and plug-in on the dayshift to be eligible for first time around on the 1630 and 0100 shifts.

The above rule will also apply to Casuals on the “C”, “T”, “OO”, and “R” Boards who worked the 1630 shift the previous day.

For Casuals on the specified Boards who followed the above rules and are despatched to a 0100 shift, they can plug-in for the 0100 despatch the following day, however, if they don’t get despatched to a 0100 job or simply don’t plug-in, they must revert to plugging back in for the dayshift as per the above rules to be eligible for first time around on the 1630 and 0100 shifts.

Signing the “Late Call Sheet” will not be allowed if you are in violation of the above rules.