Respect for Business Agents – Reaffirmed January 26, 2018

This bulletin was originally posted on June 30, 2006.  It is as relevant today as it was then:

Constitution – Section 5 page 9 (a)

The Business Agent shall represent the Local in all disputes in the Despatch Hall or on any job over which the Local has jurisdiction, and    they shall endeavour to reach a settlement.

The Despatch Hall gets very hectic trying to cover shortages, jobs, and transfers.


  • Business Agents and Relief Business Agents are there to sort out problems.
  • Business Agents will make a decision.
  • After the decision is made, “back off”. “Undermining a Business Agent’s decision at the wicket is not allowed!
  • Not happy with the decision? Go to our Union Hall later to resolve.
  • Discussion is o.k. but heated arguments cannot and will not hold up despatch or embarrass our Business Agents. Nobody wins there.
  • Business Agents are entitled to give a suspension of 24 hours.