Squamish “A” Board Mandatory Squamish Plug-ins

If you’re on the Squamish “A” Board, you applied to be there and it’s your obligation to service Squamish first.  As such, effective May 16, 2018, for a 6-month trial period, Casuals on the Squamish “A” Board must plug-in in Squamish:

 Squamish “A” Board 15 separate days per month in Squamish

If workers have less than the required number of plug-ins but have either 75% of monthly, 3-month, or year-to-date average hours, or have reached a seniority year, they are exempt from the above plug-in requirement.

Callback days count toward plug-ins.  Booked vacations and reported sick days will also count toward plug-ins on a proportional basis.

All information regarding absences must be submitted to the Local 500 office for the M&G (Membership & Grievance Committee).

Calculations will be done on a month-to-month basis going back one calendar year.

All Casuals below the “C” Board will consider themselves on-call.  If you receive a call from a Despatch Coordinator, you must go to work unless the Coordinator deems your reason for being unavailable is valid.  If you refuse work, penalties will be applied by the M&G as set out below.

All Casuals that make themselves available and do not do not show up, and Despatch is short in their category, or do not answer roll call at Despatch, the same penalties will apply:


Actual Board 1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence 4th Offence
“A” Board $100 $200 $300 CSN Adjusted or Inactive
“B” Board $100 $200 Demotion CSN Adjusted or Inactive
“C” Board $100 $200 Demotion CSN Adjusted or Inactive
“T” Board $100 $200 Demotion CSN Adjusted or Inactive
“OO” Board $50 $100 $200 Inactive
“R” Board $25 $50 Inactive  

ILWU Local 500 Officers