Viterra Hard Hat Policy

After several meetings between Viterra, the Viterra Site Safety Committee and Local 500’s Safety Committee, the following Hard Hat Policy has been jointly agreed to for both Viterra Terminals (Viterra & Cascadia):

Hard Hats will be required on the dock from gate to the top of the ship’s gangway at both terminals.

    Viterra recommends Hard Hats be worn on the ship, however Hard Hats will be required:

  • When working under hatch covers
  • When pulling ropes on deck
  • When walking under loading (working) pipes.

     We will expect workers to utilize the offshore side of the vessel to avoid the overhead hazards (and will ask crews to keep offshore hatch cover in to accommodate this) or wear their Hard Hats.

 Remember to always “Remove Yourself” from any overhead hazard if one exists.  If you must work close to an overhead hazard aboard the vessel WEAR A HARD HAT.