RTG Operator’s Agreement – March 2015

  1. When the group is formed, a system of breaks will be decided on. Union Members may decide their breaks by cutting cards. The system of breaks used will be 2-2-4. The group will then rotate the breaks on a daily basis.

            (this was passed by RTG Operators at their March meeting and by the Membership at the March 2015 meeting)

  1. The group rotation and system of breaks remains intact as long as two (2) members of the group remain in the original rotation, or if one person remains in the original rotation with one or more day-only replacements.
  1. A replacement coming into an already established group is expected to fall into the established system of breaks and rotate in the place of the person they are replacing.
  1. Any member who plugs in late at despatch (other than short shifting or late orders) will not be allowed to bump or cut. Any member from the regular despatch can bump into the group and take the nooner.

            (this was passed by the RTG Operators at their March 2015 meeting and by the Executive at their April 13, 2015 meeting)

  1. Anyone who takes a knockoff and returns to the same site goes back into the same group and the same break as if the person was called back.
  1. Bumping will only be done by one member who has 2nd break in his/her group.
  • The member with the 2nd break in 1st group has the option to bump the last casual in the last group.
  • The member in the 2nd group with 2nd break has the option to bump the last casual in the 2nd last group and so on.
  • The member who has 1st break MUST take 1st break and not show up for the purpose of bumping (this is for the members called back).