Squamish Nation Veterans and Relatives

For Remembrance Day we would like to honour past Longshoremen and family members who served their country in the armed forces. This is only a small number of the Longshoremen who have served, but past Local 500 President (1970) John Cordocedo provided me with these names.

Steven Antone Wright – 7000 Board: was awarded the Military Medal for Gallantry in Action. This medal was presented to him by Field Marshall Montgomery.

Arnold Bro – Local 500 Topside. Hatchtender of Registered Gang. Brother of Sarg Marcel Bro. WW II vet.

Thomas Cole – Bow & Arrow Member, Local 501 and Local 500 Member. Winch Driver in John Slavin’s Gang. He served in France, Belgium and Holland. Taken prisoner in 1944. Received 4 medals.

Harvey Gonzales – Member of Locals 501, 500, 514. Harvey’s father was a Despatcher for the Bow & Arrow Local (North Vancouver Longshoremen’s Association). Harvey joined the US Army at the age of 18 in 1940. Served with the 101st Airborne Division in England, France, Italy and Belgium. Harvey started out as a medic, then retrained to be a paratrooper in England. He participated in the Battle of the Bulge.

Beverly Guerin – Daughter of Local 501 – 500 Member Vic Guerin. She is the sister of retired Local 500 member Delbert Guerin. She was a WW II vet.

Jimmy E. Johnston – Member of Local 501 and 500. Topsider in “Red” Watson’s gang. He joined the Canadian Army at age 21 in November 1944. Was in transit on the Atlantic Ocean when the war was declared over.

Nadine Joseph – Daughter of Hereditary Chief Moses Joseph. Chief Moses was a Bow & Arrow Member also a Member of Locals 501 & 500. Nadine volunteered at the age of 18 in 1941 to serve with the Canadian Women’s Corps.

Anchil “Ducky” Mack – Member of the Bow & Arrow Local. Volunteered at age 40 on December 6, 1941. He was trained in small arms and demolitions.

Edward Nahanee – Bow & Arrow Member. Volunteered in 1942 at the age of 20 and served with the American 9th Army in Europe. Received the Bronze Star in 1944. Received the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. Fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Killed in action in Holland in 1945.

Andrew Natrall – Bow & Arrow Member. Father of Local 500 Member Norman Natrall. Volunteered at age 18 in 1917. He trained as a sniper/gunner and his accuracy was 90%.

Carole Newman – Daughter of Bow & Arrow, 501, 500 Member, Topsider Harry Newman. Also the sister of 501, 500 Member Randy Newman. She joined the Canadian Navy in January 1957. Served in the military for 2 years.

George Earl Newman – Bow & Arrow Member, Locals 501 and 500. Holdman and Slingman in Registered Gang. Volunteered at age 17 in 1914. He became a Machine Gunner. Served in France and Germany for four years.

William R. “Sam” Thomas – Local 501 Member. Holdman in Bill Rosie’s Gang. Served in France, Holland and Germany. Received the Croix de Guerre with Crimson Star in 1947 “For exceptional service rendered during the war for the liberation of France.” The medal was the highest military award for Gallantry in Action.

Thomas Williams – Bow & Arrow Member. Also on the 7000 Board in Vancouver. Volunteered in 1942 at the age of 20 with the Royal Highland Regiment of Canada. Served in England, France, Holland & Italy. Wounded carrying a message across front lines. Received 7 medals.

Peter Nahanee Garcia – Had his own Registered Gang in local 501. Father of ILWU Canada President Don Garcia. Peter was a WW II Canadian Army veteran.